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Monaco Tax System

The Principality of Monaco does not have any direct income tax, nor land and property.

Company's do not suffer any direct tax on their profits.However, if more than 25% of a company's turnover is generated outside of Monaco, then the company is subject to a 33.33% tax rate.

Monaco does have a Value Added Tax (V.A.T.). On most services and products you purchase this will be only 5.5%, however some purchases can be 19.6% also. V.A.T. is also applicable for property sales, but any properties over 5 years old are exempt from the tax.

There is no inheritance tax if it is to children or a spouse. For brothers and sisters it is 8%, Uncles, aunts, neices and nephews is 10%, other relatives is 13%, and non-related person is 16%.

There is also tax on the sale of alcoholic beverages.


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