Monaco Jobs

Monaco is a fantastic place to be able to work, with so many great jobs, particularly in the travel and tourism industry.

If you are not from Monaco, then you must get a work permit for each specific type of job.

If you are neither of Monaco nor French residency then your employment contract must also be approved by the employment office.

Before you can be issued a work permit you must already hold a residence permit.

Particularly common industries to find work can include;

The banking and finance industry - Monaco has over 60 banks and financial institutions, and is well known for its banking systems.

Shipping - there are over 100 shipping companies based in Monaco, providing plenty of employment.

Tourism - this is Monaco's largest industry, offering many extravagant, luxurious hotels. Offering special events that attract the masses, such as the Grand Prix. Monaco will always be a popular destination for tourists.

Gaming - the world famous Monte Carlo Casino comprises of a large part of Monaco's GDP. Offering many casino related jobs.

Retail - there are many exclusive and unique shops in Monaco, all of which require staff.