5 Must See Attractions in Monaco


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If you’re after luxury and glamour, look no further than the gorgeous little country of Monaco. With casinos, fancy cars and expensive champagne on hand it is the perfect place for a decadent little getaway.


If you need a little more inspiration before you start booking your Europe trip, then make sure you check out these five must see attractions in Monaco.



Casino de Monte Carlo


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You just simply cannot travel to Monaco without visiting the world famous Casino de Monte Carlo. Grab your credit card, because it's time to make some money… or lose it depending on your luck!


However if you are about to lose some money there is no better place to do it, other than the elaborately decorated casino that first opened in 1863.


The Prince’s Palace

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Situated in the gorgeous Monaco-Ville is home to Prince Albert II and his family. Stop by just before midday to see the changing of the guards, or take a tour of the state rooms for a small fee.


If you don’t have the time to spend a few hours wandering around the palace, just make time to stop by and admire the exterior of this historical building.


Oceanographic Museum


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Opened in 1910 by Prince Albert the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco was created to contain exhibits from his expeditions as a sea captain.


Now, the aquarium is considered one of the best in Europe with well over 90 tanks filled with exotic sea creatures. This is a must for anyone travelling with kids as an entertaining activity with a range of engaging and interactive displays.


Le Rocher


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Take  a step back in time with a visit to Le Rocher, also known as Monaco-Ville. Here you will find the only part of Monaco that remains they way it did in Medieval times. With windy roads and cobblestone streets it's great place to stroll through.


Larvotto Beach

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Sit back, relax and soak up some sun on the shores of Larvotto Beach. Because of its location, Monaco has beautiful weather all year round, so make the most of the sunshine and take a dip amongst the turquoise waters.


The beach is extremely family friendly with shallow and calm waters. However, keep in mind that in the summer months this is one of the most popular beaches in the area so plan to get down there early!