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Monaco and Monte Carlo Airport

Nice Airport serves Monaco, and is 15 miles (24 Kilometres) from Monaco. List of airports near Monaco here

The airport code for Nice is NCE.

How to get from Nice Airport to Monaco:

There are several ways to travel from Nice Airport to Monaco.

Nice Airport TransferNice Cote d Azur Airport Shuttle
An easy and economical shared airport transfer service to/from Nice Cote d Azur Airport to Monaco/Monte Carlo for between 1-8 persons from only 26.63 USD per person, per way. Book Here

The quickest way is via helicopter, the fare depends upon the time of year but 95-100 Euros a person and takes six minutes, with departures every 20 minutes. Telephone +377 92 050 050 or

A taxi from immediately outside the terminal building to Monte Carlo currently costs 80 Euros, rising to 90 Euros in the evenings, weekends and public holidays (2008 prices) , excluding any tip for up to four passengers inclusive, and takes 30-45 minutes depending upon local traffic conditions.

An alternative way is the Airport Express coach from just outside the terminal building to Nice Railway Station. Cost 6 Euros a person. From Nice Railway Station trains run regularly to Monte Carlo and takes around half an hour. Cost 5 Euros a person single ticket.
If arriving during the day, you' re not in a rush and aren't laden down with suitcases, the train journey to or from Nice Railway Station is worth the extra time as the train runs along the coast and takes you past many pretty Mediterranean bays.

Another alternative is to take a taxi to Nice Railway Station (around 45 Euros for up to four passengers) and then the train.
Once in Monaco there is a very efficient bus service, with fares costing a Euro for each journey. Bus frequency on most routes is every ten minutes, and destinations are clearly marked at each bus stop. Just pay a Euro as you board the bus and tell the driver your destination.

Nice AirportFlight Time

Below are the approximate flight times to Nice Airport :

San Francisco ~13 hours.

New York ~9 hours.

London ~2 hours.

Frankfurt ~1 hour, 40 minutes


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